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January 22


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~~In the beginning of the universe there were multiple Weapons created to keep the balance between the void. However, the weapons begin to clash together and cause a large explosion. Many of the Weapons were destroyed in the explosion and those that survived were sent across the existence that would be called the universe. It was known that two of these weapons touched down on this planet, the Eyes of Inferno and the Heart of Inverno. It was said that Inferno defeated Inverno and sealed Inverno away into seven seals then placed them into the planet and upon doing so created life on this planet. There is a prophecy that if Inverno would escape the seals. If it escaped it seals life on the planet on cease to exist. Alas, it would be the end of days. ...and the war between the weapons would begin anew.~~

-Near the Theran River-

"That is an interesting story, Teria." Jores claims as he gets up.

"It was a story pass down my family for generations." Teria explains and continues. "My family even taken the last name of... the one..."

"The one?" Jores questions.

She attempts hides her thought on that subject as she begin to think about her family's past, "It..."

Jores puts his hand on her shoulder and tries to calm her down. "Hey..hey.. it is okay. Everyone has their secrets."

Cyber standing by a tree put his right hand on the bark of the tree and asks Teria, "So, how did you become a mystic?"

Teria calms herself then looks at Cyber. "It was a family thing. We would protect the mother of the planet and we were protected by the mother of the planet, as well.

Jores calmly asks her, "The mother of the planet? You mean Inverno?"

She nods to him.

Cyber asks her, "If you are here, who is protecting her, right now?"

She is shocked by that question as she was the last of the mystics that was looking over Inverno's seal.



Xelrick enters the world of the living then lands on the ground. He then pust his hand on the ground and feels the grass brush against his hand. "It has been too long since I been to a place like this." He gets back up and begins to levitate into the sky. "Humanity's Weapon was seal here centuries ago...Hopefully, it still functions." He dives into an ocean.

He borrows in the seabed and comes up to the core. He locates a giant mass in its epicenter. "Soon I'll finally find the perfect weapon to defeat her." He places his hand on the mass. He is suddenly filled with mix emotions as ice-like crystals form around his hand.

He looks at the ice on his hand. "It can't be possible with these temperatures down here." He then smirks then cracks the last of the seals.

-Back at the Theran River-

Teria states that she most return to her homeland as she fears the seals are in danger.

Jores asks her before letting her go, "How many seals are there?"

Teria replies, "Seven..."

To be continued...
[Will Teria make it back in time, or will Xelrick free Inverno and cause the end of days? Will Emily ever escape Floga's terror]
[Find out next time on Infernal Chaos]

Teria Silverlight- distant cousin to Emily Silverlight's mortal family. Teria's ancestor's taken the last name of Silverlight and pass down that name to in hope turn a prophecy in their favor. She trained to be a mystic in her youth and protected a seal that holds the Eyes of Inverno. At the age of sixteen she stumble upon a portal to a new world and falls into it. The portal closed behind her and she came trapped in this new world. In the new world she finds Cyber and Jores battling demons and monsters. She ends up following them back to a town called Einar. Where the two notice she was following her. They end up helping her to find a portal back to her homeland.

Emily Silverlight belongs to Eyes of Inferno.

Heart of Inverno belongs to both of us Eyes of Inferno and Xelrick.

Teria Silverlight created by me.

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